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The less product that gets dumped

Blue disposal bins, catchy three word slogans, signs asking users to separate green glass from clear glass, paper or cardboard only disposal receptacles these are just a few of the visible The less product that gets dumped into these landfills, the less a modern society has to invest in their upkeep.Recycling By the NumbersThe benefits go beyond the mere physical, however. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that recycling tin and aluminum cans only requires five percent of the energy needed to make all new cans out of raw materials. Similarly, the EIA estimates that paper recycling reduces the energy cost of paper manufacture by forty percent compared to all new paper production. Reduced energy consumption means less pollution from the power plant, and less need to harvest the fossil fuels that are still the world s predominant energy supply. Simple Home GreenThat isn t to say that recycling only has a benefit in the realm of production. There are of course benefits to private recycling as well. Some solutions are simple a milk jug can be cut open and turned into a measuring tool for rainwater for the scientifically minded. Rather than discarding old clothing, some families cut the garments up for use as rags, patching material, or even art supplies. A pair of jeans someone would never wear in public often find new life as work trousers for painting or automotive projects.Plastic shopping bags are often thrown away without consideration, but some families stretch their dollar a bit by using them as small can trash bags, such as for waste paper in the bathroom. This saves the cost of buying new bags, at the very least.

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