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some cities even have buyback programs

For those interested in getting even more use out of these bags, they can be used as improvised lunch bags, or for transporting food to a big picnic.And, if you cant find a way to reuse something, there is always the option of taking it to the appropriate city recycling facility. The key is to find creative ways to reuse the materials already in the home, instead of just throwing them away.Simple Office GreenSimilar options exist for the office environment, of course. In particular, offices generate a lot of paperwork, and an equal amount of paper waste. Some small businesses actually take advantage of this, and instead of throwing out their old shredded paper and scrap, use it as package stuffing. This saves them the cost of purchasing new packing material, and keeps the scraps out of the landfill for a bit longer.Cardboard shipping boxes can often be reused as well, whether to continue shipping goods or as a low cost way to store some short term documents until the new filing system arrives. Additionally, some cities even have buyback programs, offering small monetary compensation to those who recycle certain products. Businesses should research their local options, as they could possibly use this as a way to reduce their operating costs over the year. It won t bring in millions, but the wise businessman saves wherever possible.Think About ItIn both house and office environments, the key to successful recycling is stopping to think. A great deal of the waste generated in the modern world can be reused or recycled, but isn t because people have a habit of throwing out their soda bottle when finished drinking. Finding new ways to recycle doesn t require expensive programs or elaborate schemes. All it really requires is for someone to stop for one moment when throwing something away, then asking themselves, Is there something else I could do with this? The color purple has been associated with higher spiritual consciousness and transformation not just among flaky new age practitioners living in Sedona, but also as illustrated by the vestments worn by priests in the Catholic church. The protective concept of amethyst might be tied to the idea that being on a spiritual journey offers some safety from certain worldly influences.

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